Affected services:

  • Station Server Status

Intermittent connectivity issues affecting Cherry station server

Opened on Friday 26th April 2019, last updated

Resolved — Performance for the past 7 days has been normal, and we are confident the issue has now been resolved.

Posted by Jim

Monitoring — The data centre have completed repairs on the cooling system. Cherry is currently online and functioning. We are monitoring the situation alongside the data centre team to prevent any further occurrences.

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Identified — Our datacentre experienced a severe cooling failure in one of their server aisles which has resulted in a cooling system replacement being needed. To protect the servers on the server aisle they have been powered down to prevent overheating and fire. We are currently waiting for more information from the datacentre technicians regarding the status of the replacement.

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Identified — The datacentre responsible for Cherry are carrying out in-depth hardware diagnostics on the server as they suspect a hardware malfunction. We are currently awaiting more information.

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Investigating — We are currently investigating an issue affecting our Cherry station server. We will have more updates when available.

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