Affected services:

  • Event Recording

Intermittent Recording Issues

Opened on Tuesday 9th June 2020, last updated

Resolved — Recordings are operational again.

Posted by Dave

Monitoring — We found a process on the Onyx transcoder was failing meaning that recordings weren't being told to start on the server. The Development team have identified the issue and have implemented a fox for this and are monitoring this for any further instances. Please get in touch with support if you have any further instances of this.

Posted by Dave

Identified — We've identified an intermittent issue with recordings. As a troubleshoot it's worth removing and rescheduling your events to see if that helps at all. Any stations on Onyx are more affected by this than any other server. The development team are looking in to this as a matter of urgency and we're hoping to have this resolved soon. In the mean time it may be worth recording your shows on your computer directly. Please get in touch with support if you would like any assistance with this.

Posted by Dave

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