Affected services:

  • Studio
  • Station Server Status
  • Statistics

Issue affecting studio dashboard and statistics

Opened on Monday 1st June 2020, last updated

Resolved — At approximately 16:30 BST, our development team was carrying out a routine upgrade of our statistics platform. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances which affected the deployment, this caused the services which process new listener data for the statistics platform to become unavailable. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the problem, we were not able to quickly switch back to the previous version. Our team were able to remedy this approximately 90 minutes later and revert to the previous version of the statistics platform. While the platform was not functioning correctly, our system queued up all data to be processed and when service was restored, began processing them as fast as possible. As of 19:00, we can confirm that the data queue has been processed and all statistics should now be up to date and current. We understand that this may have caused some concern or inconvenience, which we apologise for. We have identified the steps required to prevent this type of problem occurring in future, so we do not envisage this occurring again. If you notice any further issues, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at who will be happy to investigate any problems you are experiencing further.

Posted by Jim

Identified — The issue has been identified and the development team are working to resolve it.

Posted by Dave

Investigating — We're currently investigating an intermittent issue with the dashboard and statistics flicking to 0 when being able to access the station. Some streams may also be affected.

Posted by Dave

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