Affected services:

  • Station Server Status

Partial Outage - Mint Station Server

Opened on Thursday 23rd July 2020, last updated

Resolved — We're confident this issue has now been resolved, and will therefore mark this incident as resolved. A network issue caused communication issues with the station server, resulting in stations on the Mint server going off air. We apologise about the inconvenience this caused, and we will continue to monitor going forward.

Posted by James

Monitoring — We've located the issue and put a resolution in place. Stations should now be operating as normal, but we'll continue to monitor the situation and report back in due course.

Posted by James

Investigating — Hello, We're currently aware of an issue affecting stations on the 'Mint' station server, which has caused the affected stations to go off air. We're currently investigating the cause of this, and will provide an update ASAP. Thanks, The Team

Posted by James

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